Sunday, November 4, 2018

Five Keys To Race Day Nutrition For Your Next Triathlon

One of the number one ways to procrastinate is to over think. We spend so much time thinking about a decision that we end up losing the moment to act.

Michelle Moss has 15 years experience as a Health and Nutrition Coach, a Master's Degree in advanced sports nutrition certification, a Kinesiology Diploma, Psychology Degree, and a Personal Training. Using her knowledge and expertise, she has come up with a program that will help pregnant and post-pregnant women maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape!

I know this seems really obvious but it's also really important. First, too many people get gung-ho when they start and right away they hit the gym six days a week, a couple of hours at a time. But they can't sustain it so they burn out and quit after a few weeks, only to try it all again in six months. It's a vicious cycle.

However, contrary to the belief that the muscle building circles are promoting (that the more protein you have the better), Sports nutrition authorities are saying that any amount of protein that exceeds twice the daily recommended allowance applicable to less active people is actually useless and even dangerous. The funny thing is that Nutrition certification online has not been around too much time but it has quickly become the authority when it comes to Sports nutrition. For one thing, high levels of protein produce high levels of nitrogen and amino acids which can become toxic. Another thing is that high-protein diets are not safe for people who are suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Eating healthy fats are crucial not only for reducing your body fat but for your total health. When women want to lose fat all too often they cut out the healthy fats, which can really put the brakes on your fat loss program. Whether you want to lose belly fat, slim down your thighs and hips it's important that you have the right balance of healthy fats in your nutrition program.

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I hope that this article has helped you out. Losing belly fat is very possible if you follow the right steps and use the right workout and nutrition program.

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